What's involved in a consultation?

During your consultation, a member of my team will sit and discuss with you what you envision for your home or office. We take this time to get to know a little about you and your personality. We will walk through your home or office and ask simple questions. If time allows we may begin to take some necessary measurements and pictures. 

What if I don't know my style?

Most times we are able to use what information you give us to take us in the right direction. Developing a great relationship always begins with communication. We ask that you are patient with us as we ask questions, possibly show you a few pictures, boards or samples and get to know you along way. 

What if I want to purchase my own selections?

I always recommend that you allow my team to purchase any items as we ensure that the process is seamless to you. We see the process through from A to Z. This includes my team ordering your items, checking items upon arrival and assuring that it has arrived with no defects.  If for any reason it comes in with a defect, broken pieces, wrong color, wrong size etc. we handle all the necessary phone calls, return packaging and pick up as well as the documentation that comes with the situation. This can ultimately save you a lot of time, energy and money. If you decide you would rather purchase your items we are happy to help you with the selection process and pass the baton in a courteous and professional manner. 

Designers are intimidating, what if you don't like my style?

Dawn's Designs understands that the word 'designer" can be intimidating and we are dedicated to breaking down that wall.  Each person has an individual taste and style and our job is to make your dreams come true, within your budget and using items and colors you already love! 

What if I do not connect with my assigned Designer on the team?

At Dawns Designs we realize that everyone needs to be able to connect with their designer on a high level as our relationship is vital in making certain the designer understands your needs. Some situations have led us to reassign a designer with a client at no additional charge and we have done this with great success and in a timely and professional manner. Our purpose is to make your home or office a space you want to be in. We will do everything possible to make certain that this happens. We ask that if this happens you please be open and honest in your discussion with Dawn.